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Hiroaki Takagi, President

Greater progress through the fusion of tradition and advanced technology

 Our company's history started with a pharmacy, opened in 1758 by our first president, Kyubei. In more than 250 years since then, the company has constantly contributed to the development of society, taking the initiative in opening up new fields and meeting the needs of the current times.
 Today, we support advanced technological industries by manufacturing fine chemicals, biochemicals, and fine ceramics as well as supplying laboratory and analytical instruments, both in Japan and overseas, while striving as an information-based enterprise to be a source providing useful news to our customers. We also support those in the medical industry with our selection of superior clinical reagents and medical equipment and instruments. And, in offering products for ceramic arts, we also aim to create a richer, more comfortable future and contribute to a ceramics culture that promotes serenity and enriches the heart.
 Keeping pace with the changes occurring around the world, we strive to continue with our program of globalization, constantly developing the enterprise, yet never forgetting our founding principles of "sincerity and kindness" and "enthusiastic initiative."
 We ask for your continued support as we keep up our efforts from here on towards the future.

Hiroaki Takagi, President

Corporate Philosophy

Big Frontier, Big Tomorrow
Isekyu—Actively Developing the Potential of Humans, Products, and the Future

Driven by a strong will and sense of purpose, we take on the challenge of meeting tomorrow's unknown possibilities.
With the multifaceted combination of energetic people and products—the company’s assets, we cultivate our abilities through effort and encouragement while moving into the future.

Company Profile

Appearance of the head office
Company NameIsekyu Co., Ltd.
Head Offices4-15 Marunouchi 3-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture,
Japan 460-8558
TEL: (052) 961-8311 (Main Switchboard) FAX: (052) 961-5684
RepresentativeHiroaki Takagi, President
EstablishedDecember 10, 1930
Capital100 million yen (as of March 2012)
Sales16.9 billion yen (for year ended September 2011)
Number of Employees200 (approx.)
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