Our Businesses

With businesses categorized into the three areas of biotech, environmental, and powders, we offer a wide range of reagents, chemicals, clinical reagents, ceramic raw materials, analytical instruments, and equipment for plants and other facilities including businesses, research labs, universities, and hospitals, in fields including medicine—primarily generic drugs—and environmentally-related fields such as electric vehicles and photovoltaics (solar cells).

Life Science & Reagents Division
This division supplies reagents, consumables, precision instruments, and analytical equipment to organizations including public research institutions, analysis centers, life science and food product industries, and private enterprises. The remarkable developments in science and technology today are leading to demands for even higher product quality and greater diversity. Striving to be a better partner to researchers, we constantly obtain the latest information so that we may more promptly respond to our customers' needs.
Chemical Products Division
Increasing sophistication and diversity in industry is leading to daily changes in what customers want. Isekyu supports research and development in many fields with our wide selection of reagents; we also offer many chemical products, including raw materials and indirect materials required in product manufacturing. We fully utilize the experience and knowledge acquired through long years of collaboration and partnerships with numerous manufacturers to meet our customers' needs.
Medical Division
This division focuses on sales of materials and equipment—primarily in vitro diagnostic agents and medical test equipment—along with sanitary supplies, various types of consumables, machine parts, and other equipment to private and government-run hospitals, medical exam centers, and other medical institutions. We maintain links with manufacturers, allowing us to recommend comprehensive proposals for systems, equipment, and reagents. We respond flexibly to our customers’ needs with timely, accurate delivery, supporting the labs where the remarkable developments in medicine are now being made.
Ceramics Division
Today, traditional ceramics industry technologies are being applied in functional ceramics, lithium-ion batteries, and many other advanced fields. We actively provide suggestions for highly functional materials, equipment and instruments, and other products for use in the advanced ceramics industry, providing total support in all processes from initial development to mass production. We also aid in developing a society rich in amenities through sales of raw ceramic materials to ceramic industries and ceramic art enthusiasts throughout Japan.
Industrial Waste Division
We not only offer sales of reagents, industrial chemicals, raw materials for ceramics, and other such products, we also provide suggestions for the processing of residues, liquid wastes, unnecessary products, and other industrial waste products remaining after they have been used for their intended purpose. We are licensed as "industrial waste collectors and transporters," a requirement for processing industrial waste in Japan, utilizing only appropriate procedures in accordance with the law, thus avoiding additional environmental burdens, including those stemming from natural disasters, theft, or other causes.
Powder Division
Powders, the raw material for many new products, are used in diverse ways in all fields, and this requires machinery for producing, evaluating, improving, refining, analyzing, and other essential powder manufacturing processes. Isekyu offers the market not only standard equipment for powder manufacturing processes such as grinding, powderizing, molding, conveying, filling, and packaging, but also machines for evaluating physical properties, automatically measuring ultra-trace amounts of substances, recording compressed data, and other newer types of equipment.
International Division
Isekyu supplies raw materials and equipment for ceramics manufacturing not only from Japan but from Southeast Asia and China as well. In 1979, we established the joint venture Thai Isekyu Co., Ltd., which now functions as our hub for the Southeast Asian region. Furthermore, we are endeavoring to develop industries by supplying raw materials and machinery for every stage from research to manufacturing not only for ceramics, but for a diverse range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, automobiles, food products, and other businesses. Utilizing the experience we have gained since 1914 as a direct importer of ceramic raw materials, we have come to contribute to the globalization of advanced industries in every generation since then.
Manufacturing Division
In addition to a variety of standard solutions, normal solutions, pH buffer solutions stipulated under JIS K0120 and other standards and rules, reagents used in analyzing chemical oxygen demand and total phosphorus and nitrogen, and other prepared solutions, we also offer our "consigned preparation service" providing original, customized reagents formulated to meet our customers' particular needs. Providing meticulous, flexible "Just In Time" service, we can offer "only what is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed." We manufacture products in amounts as little as 100 ml, and provide samples as well.