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Basic Policy on Handling Personal Information from the Website

Isekyu Co., Ltd. operates this website as a service to our customers. Based on appropriate management systems, we strive to safeguard the personal information of visitors using the services provided through this website. No name or other type of specific personal information need to be provided for normal access. Visitors requesting materials or making inquiries through this website may be required to provide their name, address, telephone number, email address, and other personal information. Ordinarily, personal information may be used as a means of establishing contact from applicable services and in communicating information and notifications generated by those services. We shall not disclose, convey, or otherwise share any personal information collected through this website with any third party. However, we assume no liability whatsoever in regards to the personal information protection practices of other websites linked to our web pages.


Isekyu Co., Ltd. strictly conforms to all privacy protection laws and regulations. Using the administrative system we have established to protect individuals' personal information, we will collect, use, and provide personal information in a proper and appropriate manner. We will draft, maintain, and implement company rules for the management of the data and constantly strive to improve the system, including appropriate measures regarding the disclosure, correction, and suspension of use of the information. We endeavor to ensure that the personal information is both accurate and current, taking appropriate steps to manage the information securely to prevent unauthorized disclosure, loss, and damage.

Established: April 1, 2005
Revised: April 1, 2007
Isekyu Co., Ltd.

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